This blog will be primarily political, but not exclusively so. Much of it will consist of my responses to newspaper editorials and local events, but some will consist of musings on things I see and hear as I go about my business in the city.

I am a new Baltimore resident with an interest in civic engagement and home-brewing. I have an advanced degree in linguistics that I don’t use but don’t regret. I work as a writing tutor. Being a libertarian-leaning Republican in a city that hasn’t voted Republican in almost half a century makes me feel slightly nuts, but I’ve always been something of a contrarian. I have friends from all across the ideological spectrum and I’m married to the most wonderful woman in the world, who just so happens to disagree with most of my opinions.

You may find my views misguided and my arguments weak, but I only ask you to express your disagreement in a civil fashion. You may also find my opinions changing over time, but I don’t intend to change older posts to hide this. I hope to learn by writing about various issues that strike me.