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Whew! It’s been far too long since I’ve added to this blog. A lot of other things went on in my own, as I’m sure it did in yours. One thing important happened: I changed my registration to Libertarian and joined the Libertarian Party. I’m keeping the domain name “Charm City Conservative”, since I still feel affinity with the conservative movement, but I’m definitely at the libertarian end of it. My focus is on reducing government, rather than on trying to use government force to achieve certain ends — not even conservative ones.

Last weekend, the LP had its national convention and nominated Gary Johnson and Bill Weld for President and VP. I agree with Tom Woods and Jeff Deist that Johnson seems to concede too much to the opposition, both on the left and right. For example, he is weak on freedom of association, but also has strong interventionist tendencies. For the latter, though, the “conservative” competitor Austin Petersen didn’t seem much better. I personally think that fighting the military-industrial complex could be the toughest task of any president, so we ideally want really strong non-interventionists for candidates.

On that note, I suppose it could be worse when it comes to Donald Trump’s near-victory in the Republican race. While Rand Paul was the least interventionist, Trump does seem much more willing to re-focus our foreign policy on national defense, rather than global policing, when compared to his rivals. The same, sadly, can’t be said for Hillary Clinton, the presumed winner of the Democratic race. Sometimes I wish I had registered as a Democrat just to cast my vote for Bernie and register my opposition to Hillary’s warmongering candidacy.

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